ECOPOD-Bins.JPGECOPOD waste water treatment is done by pumping air into a septic system. The bacteria that break down your homes waste need oxygen to thrive. Having a healthy balance of bacteria over waste creates the best environment to clean effluent (discharge) from your septic system resulting in a clean drain field. This entire process takes place within the walls of your specially designed, self-contained ECOPOD Waste water Treatment System. The result is a clear, odorless discharge, which meets or exceeds State water quality standards and regulations.

Why use ECOPOD® Advanced Wastewater Treatment?

  • Extremely efficient removal
  • ANSI/NSF International Standard 40 Class 1 Certified
  • Quiet, efficient and effective
  • FHA and VA acceptable
  • Simple design and self-contained
  • Simple to operate
  • Simple to maintain
  • Minimum sludge production reduces pump out costs
  • No mixed liquid suspended solids eliminate washouts
  • Longer intervals between pump outs
  • Quiet operation - external aerator
  • Suitable for intermittent usage
  • Odorless
  • Out-of-sight installation
  • Remote monitoring system available
  • 2/5/10-year limited warranties

Northland Septic is factory trained to install your ECOPOD system Contact Us today to find out more.


Thank you so much for your help and great service! What nice guys! 

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