Micro Bubble Diffusion

Simple. Effective. Economical. 

vbt_bubbles_compare.jpgMicro Bubble Technology (MBD™) is a revolutionary method of approaching aerobic waste management systems. It’s simple, effective, and economical, and can be used in residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal applications.  

Typical aerators have used pressure to create bubbles by blowing air into water.  All the bubbles rise toward the surface and only have a brief contact time to transfer oxygen to the water.  By contrast, MBD™ aerators create bubbles with vacuum rather than pressure.  The bubbles are extremely small – a fraction of pressure aerator bubbles – and thus ensure maximum surface area to contact the water and transfer oxygen.  Bubbles do not rise rapidly to the surface, and so can provide oxygen transfer for many minutes.

Residential Treatment

Micro Bubble Diffusion (MBD™) can be used to provide economical aerobic drainfield recovery and maintenance. MBD™ creates aerobic conditions in your tank to ensure maximum waste digestion.  It can restore function to existing systems, extend the life of new systems, reduce odors, and improve water quality.

Commercial Treatment 

Micro Bubble Diffusion is efficient and economical for commercial property owners.

It is perfect for those who:

  • Have failing septic systems
  • Want to extend the life of their septic system and avoid costly replacement
  • Want to improve water quality
  • Have only one septic site left
  • Want to reduce odors
  • Want to avoid excavating their yard
  • Want to save money
  • Want a permanent solution

This is the septic maintenance people you want. These men are highly trained and knowledgeable in every aspect of taking care of our sewer systems. We had our sewer pumped by Lee a few weeks ago, and I didn’t think there was a more courteous, super-hard-working person out there yet. Also knowledgeable about every aspect of sewers. He worked so hard on our sewer [at] my folk’s place before they passed on, and [I] don’t think it ever got pumped. It was scary to see it so full of hard sludge and that had to be broke down to get the job done; with every care, Lee got the job done. We sure can appreciate a person that goes the extra mile and got the job done the right way!! Thanks, Lee and Northland for having a hard-working group of people working for you!!! We now have a permanent company to take care of our sewer. Thanks again!!

— Debbie Vian

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