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Orenco Systems produce the powerful AdvanTex AX20 textile treatment system, the perfect complement for systems that become easily over-taxed.

In a typical system, the effluent moves directly from the tank into the treatment portion, usually some version of a drain field. But if the ground is oversaturated or external constraints have undersized your system, new effluent may be moving through to frequently to be treated properly before reentering the water table.

AdvanTex prevents this, using a state-of-the-art textile treatment. “Textile” refers to the large, porous screens used in the design for filtering the effluent, meaning NO chemicals are involved at all in the treatment of your water’s ecosystem. The result is water so clean it can be safely used to irrigate your lawn even before it makes its way to your drain field.

AdvanTex also implements a time-treatment system, keeping your tank cleaning on a schedule that adjusts easily to the ups and downs of your daily water use. 



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