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Northland Environmental moves millions of gallons of commercial liquid, and we can do it for you too. We also offer services specializing in cluster systems, developments, and pre-treatment technologies. Businesses and projects of all types fall in our prerogative, including restaurants, resorts, car washes, waste-water ponds, storm-water ponds, storm-catch basin, airport services, flammable waste traps, dust control, industrial projects, or any other non-hazardous liquid hauling needs. If you don’t see your needs in this list, call us anyway. We like to think we can handle just about anything. Through it all, though, the safety of our customers and our crew is our primary concern. We strictly adhere to the MPCA safety standards for all of our Minnesota commercial liquid-waste disposal jobs.


What is commercial waste?

  •     Holding tanks belonging to a commercial facility.
  •     A holding tank that does not look or smell like domestic septage.
  •     Waste that must be evaluated and tested.


Commercial waste can be divided into two categories: industrial or hazardous. Hazardous waste must be handled by a licensed transporter. Industrial waste must be hauled to a wastewater treatment plant, and any sand/dirt/earthworks may be hauled to a landfill.


Because of the materials involved, land application is not an option for most commercial waste. Waste must be sampled each time the tank is pumped, with laboratory testing fees averaging $500.00 per event. Flammable waste traps must have oil removed before pumping. All land application must be performed by a licensed Type IV contractor. The Notification to Land Apply form must be completed by the generator and sent to the MPCA. 

Who is affected?

  •     Commercial shops
  •     Manufacturing plants
  •     Photo shops
  •     Auto repair
  •     Beauty shops
  •     Clinics
  •     Car washes
  •     Mortuaries
  •     Animal slaughtering

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