Keep oil and grease out of the soil!

The Nibbler is designed to prevent oil and grease from entering into the soil absorption system by using a biological pretreatment to breakdown the grease. This is a small secondary sewage treatment system designed to aerobically digest biochemical oxygen demand cased by grease and food in wastewater.

A typical Nibbler installation consists of an inground grease trap followed by a surge tank followed by the Nibbler unit then a clarifier tank before the leach field. The unit is comprised of buoyant media held in place just below the liquid surface by pods of molded plastic which resemble milk crates. The buoyant media provides a large surface area to support growth of the microbial population which digests the grease. An air blower forces air through airtubes located in the center of each pod. The air blower is the only mechanical portion of the system and is housed in a separate vault.

Open view of several water control systems
Line of septic tanks half buried

We have experience with great technology!

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Technology allows us to overcome various challenges that face our customers.

High water table, bedrock, disturbed soils, high strength waste, landscaping, limited space and fluctuating flows are all issues that can be resolved with technology.

We have the ability to offer you more than one solution. Listed below are a few technologies that are used by Northland Septic.

Underwater bubbles rising from the depth of the blue sea

Bubble Diffusion

Micro Bubble Technology (MBD™) is a revolutionary method of approaching aerobic waste management systems. It’s simple, effective, and economical, and can be used in residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal applications.

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Orenco System

Orenco Systems produce the powerful AdvanTex AX20 textile treatment system, the perfect complement for systems that become easily over-taxed.

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Peat Filters

A Puraflo® system consists of a peat biofilter which provides high quality wastewater treatment for residential and light commercial developments. Great for your home, vacation cabin or even multi-family dwellings.