Drain cleaning

When you experience a back up problem you need a service provider to take action.

PVC pipe cut in half showing full blockage

Residential Drain Cleaning

At Northland we have the equipment and experience to tackle your tough sewer line cleaning or drain cleaning job, jetting drainfields for maintenance, open blockage or frozen systems. We have electric rooter machines and high-pressure water jetters to handle 1 to 18 inch sewer lines. Removing roots, sludge, grease or waste blockage problems can all be solved in a timely manner. If there are questions about the reason for the blockage or integrity of the plumbing, we can televise the pipe and show you on video what is happening.

Commercial Drain Cleaning

When you have a plugged drain, think of Northland for your commercial drain cleaning! We have the tools and experience to open drain lines of all sizes. With multiple jetting units, we can provide cold and hot high pressure jetting, tiny machines for small interior lines and large machines for municipal/city sewer lines. For root or heavy debris blockage we offer cable machines. Video inspection is available to verify the condition of service lines. We also offer routine maintenance programs to insure continuous service.

Broken pipes half buried in mud

Drain Cleaning

  • Roto Rooter

  • High Pressure Jetting 1-18″ Lines

  • Color Camera/Video Inspection

  • Locating City Mains, Residential Lines, Main Lines

  • Bathroom Drains, Kitchen Drains, Floor Drains

  • Thaw Frozen Septic/Water Lines

  • Experienced with Residential and Commercial Lines
Our other


Northland Septic Maintenance has spent over two decades honing and expanding our skill-set in order to provide you, the customer, with the widest range of services in the onsite industry. 

We are licensed with the MPCA and hold the following license: Service Provider, Maintainer, Installer, Designer, Inspector, Type IV Biosolids, Class D Wastewater, Advanced Designer, Advanced Inspector.

Picture of commonly used septic maintenance tools in a line

Compliance Inspection

We have the equipment and experience to tackle your tough sewer line cleaning or drain cleaning job in a timely manner.

Overhead POV shot of new plumbing pipes

Septic Repair

We’ve been building and fixing systems for decades, and we’re very good at it. Mini and full-size excavation, home and commercial; we’ve got you covered.

Open septic tank with green drainage hose

Septic Pumping

Tanks and cesspools, concrete or plastic, big or small, we’re prepared to get your job done.