Puraflow Peat Filters

What is Puraflo® ?

A Puraflo® system consists of a peat biofilter which provides high quality wastewater treatment for residential and light commercial developments. Great for your home, vacation cabin or even multi-family dwellings.
Why use a Puraflo® Peat Biofilter?


Simple – no blowers or re-circulating pumps needed

Low operating cost

Able to dispense treated waste water directly through a gravel pad beneath the Puraflo system

Modular system makes expansion easy, which is especially nice for residential developments or commercial developers.

How Does Puraflo® Peat Biofilter Work?
Following a septic tank containing an effluent (exit) filter, wastewater is time-dosed into the Puraflo wastewater treatment system. Time-dosing is an important aspect of the design that protects the drain field (your land) and ensures high wastewater treatment performance, with ammonia levels of less than 5 mg/l. The lower the contaminant levels the better! For sites where no power is available a siphon system can be utilized for time-dosing.

Puraflo peat “fibre” is imported from the Republic of Ireland and has a proven longer life expectancy compared to other “moss” media. Peat fiber is largely made up of the un-decomposed roots of bog cotton and bog sedges. Peat serves as excellent growth medium for microorganisms and is a durable media with long life expectancy.

Advantages and key benefits of a Peat Fiber Biofilter:

Field of dark dirt with exposed septic covers

  • Conditions facilitate growth of microorganisms
  • “Green” by nature
  • Ability to disperse the treated effluent directly through a gravel pad underneath the bio-filter
  • Can eliminate or reduce mounded systems
  • Odor free
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 40

Crane lifting green tanks out of the ground
Our Other


Technology allows us to overcome various challenges that face our customers.

High water table, bedrock, disturbed soils, high strength waste, landscaping, limited space and fluctuating flows are all issues that can be resolved with technology.

We have the ability to offer you more than one solution. Listed below are a few technologies that are used by Northland Septic.

Underwater bubbles rising from the depth of the blue sea

Bubble Diffusion

Micro Bubble Technology (MBD™) is a revolutionary method of approaching aerobic waste management systems. It’s simple, effective, and economical, and can be used in residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal applications.

Backhoe lifting large septic tank out of the ground

Orenco System

Orenco Systems produce the powerful AdvanTex AX20 textile treatment system, the perfect complement for systems that become easily over-taxed.

Open concrete septic tanks


The Nibbler is designed to prevent oil and grease from entering into the soil absorption system by using a biological pretreatment to breakdown the grease.