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Pumping your septic system is actually more involved than most people realize. In Minnesota, the rapid changes of weather (often times in extremes) can cause complications in otherwise healthy systems. Having your tank pumped provides an opportunity to perform a quick check up on your system in general. Our residential pumping service provides septic cleaning and inspection of your tanks.

We access your tank through the manhole cover, measure the solids accumulation, and then pump the tank, backflushing or power agitating the tank to remove all the solids. It’s also important to verify baffle placement and inspect the tank walls/floor for root intrusion, cracking, or erosion.

Think of your septic system as actually a miniature waste-water treatment plant. Like any treatment plant, some repair and general care are required, but with regular maintenance, your system will serve you for many years.



A clean-out filter with an alarm.





A riser is placed on your septic tank to bring up the manhole cover to ground level for easier access and cleaning. If the manhole to your septic tank is not at ground level, our technicians would need to dig down to gain access to your tank for routine cleaning or maintenance.



Installation of Pressure Bed






Removal of cracked septic tank 






Installation of new septic tank




Northland Septic also specializes in installing Drain Fields and Mound Systems. See the images below. 

Need a new system? Contact Northland Septic today for an estimate! 


Thank you for your service these past few months. I can easily say that you maintained your portable restroom very well even when it was very cold outside. There may be a time when we will need to service again for a secondary restroom that’s more convenient for our outside workers – but time will tell. In the meantime, I just wanted to say thank you. Keep up the good work.

— Craig Anderson
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