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We are currently one of only a handful of companies holding a Minnesota MPCA License for Advanced Design & Advanced Inspection, raising us above the competition as a service provider capable of meeting all your needs.

When a septic system needs to be installed, updated, or replaced, the first step in the process is to perform a site evaluation and design.

Site evaluations create the flow of the design, locating wells and structures on the property, determine easements, property lines, setbacks, and soil characteristics. Soil observations are made by soil pits or soil boring, and then loading rates are calculated by examining the soil and/or the rates of percolation. Finally, the site is staked and posted to protect the area until the system’s installation.

Design phases are also important, determining dwelling classification and design flow. Tank size is also calculated in this phase, along with the number of necessary tank compartments and the eventual location of the tank on the property. Based on information from the site evaluation, the next decision is what type of drainfield fits with your soil and available space, its size, location, dosing requirements, and finally the pump sizing if applicable.

Other services that may be included are a soil survey report, monitoring plan, mitigation plan, and an operating permit.

Typically, a completed design packet along with a permit application from your local unit of government will allow you to receive a permit for construction.



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