Commercial Lift Station

When the alarm light turns on or the buzzer sounds, it is a warning you that the water level in the lift station has climbed too high. The alarm needs to be addressed in order to prevent a backup of fluid into the building. Turning the alarm to silent will not fix the problem. Typically an alarm is caused from the power being shut off, a float switch not working, the pump ceasing to work, or a time-dose control panel holding the water from being pumped.

Our service truck is stocked with the most common pumps and parts.

Map of Minnesota with red map marker

Service Area

Over the last two decades, Northland Septic has grown tremendously, reaching out service across four different counties and dozens of towns and communities, many of which are listed below. We’ve worked on city sewer mains and rustic cabins both, on all sides of the map. Wherever you are, we can help.