Technology allows us to overcome several challenges that face our customers. High water table, bedrock, disturbed soils, high strength waste, landscaping, limited space and fluctuating flows are all issues that can be resolved with technology.

We have the ability to offer you more than one solution. Listed below are a few technologies that are used by Northland Septic. Click on a link to be taken to that section right away.

Septic System Monitoring using Omnisite remote services - Omnisite’s remote monitoring devices use the local cell phone system to provide data logging and real time monitoring in one easy-to-use package. The Omnisite system is completely wireless, easy to install, and is budget-friendly. Read More 

Puraflow Peat Filters  A Puraflo® system consists of a peat biofilter which provides high quality wastewater treatment for residential and light commercial developments. Great for your home, vacation cabin or even multi-family dwellings. Read More

ECOPOD Filter  ECOPOD wastewater treatment is done by pumping air into a septic system. The bacteria that break down your homes' waste need oxygen to thrive. Read More

Micro Bubble Diffusion  Micro Bubble Technology (MBD™) is a revolutionary method of approaching aerobic waste management systems. Read More


Orenco Systems’ AdvanTex AX20 textile treatment perfectly matches up with systems that need a little extra help. Read More 


I was so impressed with your service and the cleanliness of your equipment.

— Rose

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